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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST “Comparation Ullen Sentalu with Biology Museum in Management Colection”


“Comparation Ullen Sentalu with Biology Museum in Management Collection”

Oleh: Asyhadi Mufsi Sadzali


Museum as media to educated all of people, especially use the collection as medium. Eliean Hooper and Greenhill in the book with the Title “Museum, Media, Message” explain about how the objeck can comunication with the visitor without text and all tools as a support the object. In this case we can look how’s the word exactly works. Museum building actually also one of important part as media to educated all people and visitor museum. But in this case we just focus about the objek. objeck in museum as a collection and be a property also tools for educating museum visitor. The object speach to the visitor with the message be help translating or deskripting curator. The curator make it all hiden information behind the objeck like a story “fairy tale”. Last week the great clas and with lecture visiting two difrent museum, Biology museum and Ullen Sentalu. Its not just ordinary visiting, but we try to look museum from many angle, and also deep investigation. Basicly museum also abaut the symbol. Symbol of main what the maker want said to public. In these paper i chose the title, “Beauty and The Beast” because I think they title represented two difrent type of museum. In the next part we can find  a general comparation between Biology Museum and Ullen Sentalu.

Museum is Intresting

Basicly every objek in museum as intresting actually without the each velue, but the velue will be change oriented and dificult to understand when the objek presented and displayed with the wrong way, I mean bowring way. Every objek have a intresting story to has know all visitor. That’s the reason why the visitor come and come again to the museum. Biology museum is one example museum minim of creativity and bad management. We can look how the object display in glas chase. They use old style, standrart, bowring, and not intresting. Biology Museum can be better if change the system and do new experiment how to display the objek. But now we can put biology museum in category overlap and bad museum. In all critical to the museum i think they still have a nice and intresting parts in inside, actually the objek. Biology Museum have object in another museum does’nt have. It’s the significance velue to the museum thematical like Biology Museum. Same with the Biology, Ullen Sentalu also bring the same Thematical museum.

Ullen Sentalu chose the Thema Java Culture, specially kingdom Mataram. Ullen sentalu sale and marketing the museum with the intengible Heritage. They presented information behind the objek with the Guide as the tools and media comunicative. The objeck or collection not really much intresting, beside because is replica also the objeck just a picture. Changing media will be changing the message, we can looked case in Ullen Sentalu. The museum just have poor collection, but the weeknes covered .by the interactive guide and nice surrounding view in museum. The both of museum basicly can be so educated and entertain visitor, but some museum like biology not covered the weeknes and let it be show up. If the biology museum presented like ullen sentalu maybe the case will be difrent.

Old Wave and New Wave

Museum as centre of educated and window of culture. Museum present all civilitation from the ancient to modern life. Like a window visitor can see all of culture and history from museum as media communication. First time museum born with purpose to show up of power colonialism and as a proud of the community. With simple display object in museum presented to limited visititor. When we look in 19 Century museum as a pivate place to high clas. Modernity change all and bring the museum goes to public..

Biology museum establish since 1960. At the time, museum knowledge and management still as new product in Indoensia. Not much expert in this sub, and much still inpluence from colonial system especially in museology. The situation make museum not fashionable and not adapt with modernity. Biology museum still use the old system and they don’t change it event if time change the world to much color. Difrent with ullen sentalu, they follow the river and run with the time. They use modern management and also marketing in museum and change centered, visitor center not object center. If we looking the building and interior, ullen sentalu create all space with the modern style but also not forget the java philosofi. About the display they try to presented so interesting, like use nice lighting, full bright color n clearly. They know what intresting and important manage in museum to be better.

Why people don’t coming to biology museum? Simple answer is because the museum have nothink, have dirty room, have dark side, not comfort and many more they don’t have what the visitor want. Why Ullen sentalu much people coming? Ofcourse much people come, because they museum know what the visitor want and need it. Visitor want nice view to looking, nice story behind dead material, want clean and good smeel also coll room temperature. Event if ullen sentalu presented all nice think, they still have much to repair and maximalize like a collection, up date information, and variated the exebition. Two difrent museum with old style and new style, make two difrent perseption from the visitor ‘intresting and not intresting.

One room story line Ullen sentalu


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